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What you can do & what things require immediate Emergency Care


Bloat: Call emerg. hosp. and tell them you are on your way.!! Immediately!

          Cause: Stomach has flipped and cut off the entrance to (esophagus)

                      and exit from (pylorus and small intestine) . Like a balloon, the

                      stomach fills with gas. Extreme pain, distended abdomen.

                      Standing in “Pain Position”.


Shock: Call vet immed.  Can cause death w/in minutes

            Cause: Body not getting enough oxygen. Most common is                                 

                         hypovolemic (Severe blood loss) and/or burst of adrenaline

                         which constricts blood vessels.

           Symptoms: Woozy, weak, trouble standing, zoning out mentally.

                                Gums dark pink or red, then pale after 5-10 min.


           1st Aid: If there has been an accident, spine may be broken. Stabilize

                        body on a board or blanket.

                        If bleeding externally, apply direct pressure to the wound w/

                        soft cloth (damp?) or hand. Continue pressure in the car to


                        Rub Karo syrup on gums. Cover w/ blanket, heat the car.

                        Tourniquet or pressure??


Fractures: Muzzle.  Move to a board (or blanket).

                                  Steady limb w/ 2 pieces of cardboard.

                                  Do Not try to put the bones back together. Off to hosp.

                  Do not muzzle if:  Unconscious,  Vomiting,  Breathing probs.

                                                Bleeding fr. mouth or head, Flat- faced breed.


Assessment: Gum color and cap refill.

                      Femoral pulse 50-80 beats/min.   Resp. rate 10-40 breaths/min.

                      Temp. 100.9 – 103 F.

                      Hypothermia (<100 F.) Very serious. Go to vet or hosp.

                      Hyperthermia (>103 F.) put dog in cool water 75-80 F. Not ice

                      Frostbite (blood diverted from extremities to core) Seek vet.

Poisoning: 3 percent Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)

                            1 tsp = 5ml     1 Tbl = 15 ml       3 tsp = 1 Tbl

                   Use 1 ml./lb dog    6o lb. Afghan = 60 ml??  Use 10-20 ml.

                   Should vomit immediately – be ready! If not, try once more (15min)

                  Exp: Rat poison, mushrooms, ethylene glycol, chocolate, caffine, cigs.


                   DO NOT VOMIT:  if  dog is unconscious or swallowed corrosives

                               (lye, acid), petroleum products, cooked chicken bones.


Choking: Heimlich Maneuver. Dog lying on his side, or you lifting him to

                  his hind legs. Make a fist just under rib cage. Press sharply upward

                  inward towards his head. If dog is too upset, let him pass out first.


CPR: Chest compression: Lay dog on his side on a hard surface. Place one hand

            on  the   highest                                                       

            point of the chest wall. Place your other hand over the first. Use both

            hands to compress chest.   80-100 compressions/min. , 15-20 breaths.

            OR if only 1 person, 5 quick compressions, then one breath.


           Respiration: Wrap one hand around his muzzle to close lips. Blow into

                                his his nose until chest rises. May take a lot for a lrg. dog.



           Pet Emergency Pocket Guide.  2011, 2nd Edition –Informed


           Amy D. Shojai,  The First Aid Companion for Dogs and Cats

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